Five Ways to Find Clients

by Shirley George Frazier

Big businesses known by their famous names have a huge customer list. New clients arrive at their doors all the time because of their industry status. However, that wasn’t the case when these firms began. Most started just as you are now, as small, home-based operations with no ideas about finding people to buy what they sell.

One example is J.D. Power & Associates, the global marketing information services company. It was started by Dave Power and his wife at their kitchen table. This is optimistic news for you. Staying positive is a key ingredient as you begin searching for people who will buy what you offer.

There are numerous ways for you to find clients. Your choice depends on the type of business you own. Let’s uncover the options so you recognize the right steps to take.
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It was good to learn, through a recent LinkedIn training course hosted by business coach Des Walsh, that company pages on LinkedIn now provide expanded opportunities to showcase your business.

When I first created my LinkedIn company page, there was no ability to include videos and rotating banners. This is quite beneficial, along with available space to list your products and services to your LinkedIn target market and through search engine optimization that’s built in to the LinkedIn system.

If your marketing campaigns target corporations and executives, it’s imperative for you to create and maintain a company page on LinkedIn. It’s free of charge and allows you to broadcast your business to a growing audience.

You have time to create and maintain the page, even as a solo business owner. Join LinkedIn and create a profile page (if not already done). From there, you can create your company page. Dedicate 20 minutes a day to this task, and by month’s end you’ll have a new place online for your audience to learn about what you offer.

I’ve put the addition of a video and updated information on my company page task list for this month. What will you accomplish?

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