How a Tweet Resulted in Two Media Segments, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

You may read stories about how social media creates explosive marketing and sales for entrepreneurs and sarcastically say to yourself, “Yea, right.”

While I don’t know if every story is true, I can state that it happened for me.

Chance of a lifetime

I tweeted a host and producer of a show recorded in Houston, Texas and soon after was invited to appear on the show. After calculating my travel costs and ensuring that the travel was within my business boundaries, I agreed and was pleased with the results (the final recording, airing, and sales).

Staying in touch with the host was easy, as I found symmetry in our lifestyles and appreciated what she shared on social media.

One month ago I contacted the host again to learn if I could share my expertise with her audience, and she agreed. The results are shown in the video below.

You can see in the video that what I offer is not a PowerPoint presentation. I have to put products together to show gift basket designs that individuals can make for friends and family. It takes effort to put it all together, but this time around, the two hour drive from my office to the studio (versus airfare to Houston) was a breeze.

Think inside of the holiday box

Marketing Strategies for the Home-Based Business, Vol. 2, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

If your business has any type of connection to the upcoming holidays, I encourage you to reach out to television producers and tell them, in 30 seconds or less, how the information you offer appeals to the audience.

Perhaps your message is better discussed on satellite radio or through a podcast. If so, focus on those listeners. The bottom line is that your timing and message must connect with the season, and almost every profession (including yours) can connect with holiday giving, safety, fun, getaways, and much more.

I explain in the book, Marketing Strategies for the Home-Based Business, how I tweeted to get on air the first time. You’ll find the story and other insights to be a huge boost to your business throughout 2018.

Which media will you contact first?

Shirley George Frazier

Shirley George Frazier is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost experts on marketing strategies for small businesses and creative professionals who operate firms without employee assistance. In business since 1990, Shirley is president and CEO of Sweet Survival LLC®, a firm specializing in creative business and marketing support. Shirley transforms systems by assisting professionals to start and manage productive work environments, For more information or to invite Shirley George Frazier to your next event, call 973-279-2799 or email

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