The Marketing Secret No One Will Tell You, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Confusion is the result when you read about all of the ways you can market.

You’re told to do everything at once – blog, podcast, video, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook group – and whatever else is fashionable at the time.

You’re already overwhelmed with figuring out basic marketing for your product or service. After 27 years in business, I can tell you with all certainty that you cannot possibly set up every marketing channel, be successful, and keep your sanity.

There’s one way to get started with marketing and keep a smile on your face.

Pick one method. Just one.

Choose the marketing method that gets your point across in the manner that your followers, prospects, and customers prefer.

Decide with confidence

Video is for folks who like to watch rather than read or listen. It’s also great for how-to information such as with cooking or soap making.

Blogging allows readers to resonate with your message through words. This format is terrific for linking additional content, your products and services, and affiliate offers.

Podcasting is terrific if your audience is people on the go. They jog, commute, and enjoy spoken content. If lining up interesting guests is your expertise, podcasting is for you.

Facebook groups continue to be popular with people who like to gather virtually to be part of a tribe as they ask questions and share their wisdom.

Every marketing option isn’t explained here, but by now you get it.

The goal is recognizing which one is most preferred. There’s another concern, one you may have to determine on your own.

You may be great at writing, which convinces you to start a blog, but your audience is one that watches videos. That means you’ll have to make a transition to video as soon as possible. I know that can be difficult, especially if you don’t enjoy being recorded visually.

The answer to that is to compromise with yourself. Does what you record have to feature your face, or will showing your hands in a how-to video or your computer screen be an acceptable substitute?

Think about your response this way: if you are marketing to make money (and who isn’t?), not marketing in the way your audience prefers can be the difference between earning $100 a month in revenue versus $1,000. Hopefully, the answer lets you see the light and make the right choice.

Learn from my experience

I’m an author, which makes blogging easy for me. However, my online statistics show that blogging is not making me money, so I’m decreasing blogging from twice a week to once weekly. I’m also writing longer content in that one post and marketing it more often.

I operate two Facebook groups and one page as well as a public figure and general page in my name. There’s a reason for all of my Facebook presence, but that’s a topic for another article. I post similar updates on most pages to decrease the maintenance and streamline my activity.

My YouTube Gift Basket Business channel is very popular, and although it can be time consuming to set up the equipment to make videos, I schedule one day a month to create content.

Podcasting is not on my current list. I researched the details to set up my own podcast, and it’s too much of an uphill climb with everything else I operate. Speaking with successful podcasters about business and marketing is my preference.

My Instagram activity is suspended. It takes too much time to create photos, add text, and include hashtags, and there’s no revenue from all of it. I’m glad to have a presence, but it’s better for me to concentrate on writing and speaking.

Lots of people are re-pinning from my Pinterest boards, so I’m adding and refreshing my account and will analyze the results in the coming months.

Stay with the basics

If I could start marketing all over again, I’d focus solely on Facebook, YouTube, and blogging to populate my website. I have all of the other marketing avenues in play because like many marketers, I chased bright and shiny objects to establish myself everywhere hoping that newly-introduced social media programs would deliver lots of followers and sales. That plan didn’t work, and I’m betting it won’t work for you.

Start with one marketing method, the one your customers prefer most. Then add another, making sure that what you choose is what customers want.

Which method will be your entry to marketing, and what obstacles do you see that will stop you from starting successfully?

Shirley George Frazier

Shirley George Frazier is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost experts on marketing strategies for small businesses and creative professionals who operate firms without employee assistance. In business since 1990, Shirley is president and CEO of Sweet Survival LLC®, a firm specializing in creative business and marketing support. Shirley transforms systems by assisting professionals to start and manage productive work environments, For more information or to invite Shirley George Frazier to your next event, call 973-279-2799 or email

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