Marketing either by postal mail or email is the chosen method for a new promotion you’re planning.

It would be terrific to only have an online strategy; however, sending prospects information by mail is guaranteed to make more of an impact, because while most people read email some of the time, everyone looks at their postal mail.

Thankfully, you can connect with prospects using both methods, and if that’s what you choose, it’ll take solid planning to balance the two to achieve your desired results — sales. How do you proceed?

1. Organize your mailing list database.
In talking to thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide, there is still no one clear-cut winner in the database category, so choose the product that can be customized for your enterprise. Top options include Excel, Access, FileMaker, and QuickBooks. If another product is your go-to database, organize it with names, postal addresses, and email addresses ASAP.

2. Plan to continue your campaign for at least 18 months.
As much as you’d like one mailing to achieve results, marketing simply doesn’t work that way. You must set a timetable identifying when mailings will be distributed (each month, every quarter, etc.).

3. Clearly state one call to action per mailing.
What will prospects subscribe to, follow, visit, or purchase? Make it easy for your list to recognize the benefits of what you offer so that each step move prospects closer to becoming clients.

4. Know which marketing step will be featured in each mailing.
Let every detail piggyback off the previous campaign so each message fits like a puzzle to generate interest, phone calls, and sales.

5. Change your strategy if needed.
Even though your campaign is mapped out ahead of time, prospects can provide you with details that help to refocus your strategy. Listen to what they say, and make changes if a new route is logical.

A strong start will result in a stronger finish. Commit to your campaign from end to end, and your ultimate reward (new connections, join ventures, etc.) will outpace sales.

Shirley George Frazier

Shirley George Frazier is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost experts on marketing strategies for small businesses and creative professionals who operate firms without employee assistance. In business since 1990, Shirley is president and CEO of Sweet Survival LLC®, a firm specializing in creative business and marketing support. Shirley transforms systems by assisting professionals to start and manage productive work environments, For more information or to invite Shirley George Frazier to your next event, call 973-279-2799 or email

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