Something in my start-a-business research (book, article, workshop, etc.) told me that trademarking my business name was necessary.

In those pre-Internet days there was only one way to research data, and that was at the library.

I sat in a chair for at least one hour accessing files on a now-antiquated system trying to find evidence that someone had already trademarked the business name I wanted.

The result? The name was free and clear for me to trademark with or without an attorney. I chose the latter.

There were minor errors in my application, but trademark representatives alerted me to the problems, and months later I had my trademark name.

Today, it seems that grabbing domain names in dot com, dot net, and dot anything else is more critical to business longevity than a trademark, but isn’t protecting your brand name through a trademark just as critical as protecting it through your online identity?

Securing a domain name costs less than the price of trademarking. However, registering your business name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or whatever government entity controls a similar system in your country may help in several ways.

*Higher and stronger value when selling the business
*Easier ability for your attorney to protect your brand

Chapter 8 of the Marketing Strategies book explains more about trademarks and patents.

Depending on the vision you have for your brand, you may find a trademark to be a necessary complement to owning a domain name.

Shirley George Frazier

Shirley George Frazier is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost experts on marketing strategies for small businesses and creative professionals who operate firms without employee assistance. In business since 1990, Shirley is president and CEO of Sweet Survival LLCĀ®, a firm specializing in creative business and marketing support. Shirley transforms systems by assisting professionals to start and manage productive work environments, For more information or to invite Shirley George Frazier to your next event, call 973-279-2799 or email

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